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The Teasco Cascade Skylight system’ innovative design ensures any condensation forming on the interior surfaces of the glass are drained the exterior of the building. Through a series of channels incorporated into our aluminium extrusions the condensation is contained and then “Cascades” from drain to drain until reaching the base of the skylight, where it exits to the exterior.
  The Teasco skylight system comes in 3 suites to suit any application.  
65 Series
drawing of 65 series
  Our most popular system .the 65 series sits on a steel frame and incorporates the original cascade drainage system. This has been prove again and again throughout Australia and Asia over the last 20 years.
  (Requires partial support framework)
  25 Series drawing of series 25

For where the design requires the framing be kept to a minimum to allow the appearance of the glass sitting on the structural frame.

(requires support framework)

  150 Series drawing of 150 series

Shapes of almost any type can be formed using this system.

(Self Supporting)

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